Ready to transform your team and take them to the next level?


If you said yes, my interactive, hands on sessions are exactly what you need to engage, motivate, and transform your team into working differently to yield better results.

Oh...and they have fun too!

Image of Gary Nelson's Speaker Sheet

Gary Nelson's

Speaker Sheet


An amazing keynote speech inspiring your audience and taking your event theme to the next level! Leave your audience feeling empowered and transformed in every avenue of their life. I deliver an exciting experience that will not only inspire but will show people just how powerful their minds can be. If you want to your attendees engaged from start to finish...SCHEDULE ME FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT!

  • 60 minute talk

  • 1 hour consultation

  • Slides customized with event logo

  • 30 minute networking after event


These interactive experiences are designed to change your audience’s mindset for better results and/or motivate your team to reach your collective goals. Attendees will be exposed to an experience they will never forget!


Group interaction is used during your event to generate laughter and inspiration while transforming and motivating your team towards personal and team level growth. 

  • 30 to 45 minute talk 

  • Customized talk based on event theme and specific audience

  • 1 hour consultation


Educating attendees through an interactive Half Day or Full Day experience targeted to fit your team's needs.

  • Facilitated, interactive experience

  • 30-60 minute consultation

  • Handouts


Creating a deeper understanding for real results. Each session is customized to the needs of helping your company/group grow in a particular area.

  • 50-minute session

  • Targeted topic with Q & A interaction only

  • 1-hour consultation

  • Slides customized with event logo