Meet Gary

My Goal to Help Others

My journey started...

When I was eight years old. I was saddened walking by a homeless man that I was unable to help. And that's where my journey began. As a youth growing up on the tough streets of Baltimore, I encountered many people with self destructive mindsets and I really wanted to help them see a different path. I wanted to tap into their minds so they could see the greatness within themselves. 


I grew older and had some destructive issues of my own, but my passion for wanting to help people transform into their greater selves never stopped. There was also this constant curiosity to learn more about the huge connection between the min, body and spirit...and so Gary Van Nelson, Life Coach, was born. 

Everyone is great. 

Some people just need to be reminded

of the power they have inside. 

Who I am today

For years I have extensively researched, studied and practiced the areas of meditation, hypnosis, coaching, leadership as well as various spiritual techniques to design solutions that truly transform the lives of my clients. 

As a Life Coach, I know the overwhelming barriers people face when trying to grow and elevate themselves. For the last 20 years, I have helped hundreds of people understand and identify what is mentally preventing them from growth and what actions need to be taken to live a happier, fulfilled life.

Life is about learning but learning without action is like walking on a dead end road. I took my business goals and fearlessly connected them to my passion. I want to do the same for my clients.  


Whether for an individual or larger audiences, I create relatable, powerful, and empowering experiences with proven, life-transforming results. I show you how mental barriers hold you back, how to take action, walk into your purpose, and get out of your own way.

If you have a mission to do more or become more, I'm passionate about helping transform your life to get there...mind, body, and spirit!

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Office locations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Virtual appointments also available.


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