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 On a journey to own your truth and walk in confidence? Need to refresh your mindset and grow into your purpose? Want to connect to and use your spiritual energy?   


I'm committed to helping you create the life you desire...

Mind, Body and Spirit!

Start transforming your life and break free from the blocks that have been holding your back for so long!

Not sure what you need or need a tailored solution?

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A 60 minute call to help you gain insight into your personal, mental and spiritual blocks. Self-discovery is an important step in learning what areas of your life to target for your self priorities and life changes.




Two sessions to help you transform your thought processes by setting your intentions, identifying your specific barriers and providing methods for reaching your desired outcomes. We will tap into your subconscious to identify and overcome blocks limiting you from being your best self.




Need a quick mindset or spiritual energy boost to get you back on your path? You need a Reset! In this 4-week program, Gary will work with you to eliminate an identified life block so you can quickly pivot reenergize your life trajectory. This is for the person who was on the right path at one point but needs a 'kickstart' to get back on track with their life goals.



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Office locations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Virtual appointments also available.



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