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Reinvigorate Your Life With a Summer of Discovery

Expanding your mind can bring you benefits you never thought of. From discovering new topics that excite you to making your life easier, gaining greater knowledge of the world around you can refresh your daily life and make it more fulfilling.

This summer, with its long, lazy days, why not take some extra time for yourself to discover new passions and knowledge that can change the rest of your life?

Consider these tips to experience a refreshing summer of discovery and learning:

1. Vow to pick up a book or magazine every day. Maybe you’ve gotten out of the habit of reading. The fact is that reading keeps your mind sharp.

  • You’ll likely learn about something that others will find interesting. With your newly discovered brain power you can infuse your conversations with fascinating tidbits from your reading.

2. Set short, specific reading goals. It might be something like, "Read one magazine article on unique travel destinations" if you have an interest in traveling. Or you might say, "I will read for ten minutes a day the first week, 15 minutes daily the second week, and then 30 minutes daily from that point forward."

3. Use coffee breaks and extra lunch time to gain knowledge. When you carry your book (or e-reader) with you each day, you can steal a few moments throughout the day to read.

  • Your smartphone likely offers some great podcasts, either audible or video, that can educate you on a regular basis on topics of your choice.

4. Visit area museums. Nothing will stimulate your intellectual senses like a museum tour. Whether your interest lies in history, art, or something else, plan trips to different museums each month this summer. You'll cherish those visits!

  • Your kids might also appreciate the experience of delving into the fascinating visual and intellectual experiences that museums provide.

5. View documentaries on television. Documentaries are a great educational tool and way to discover new things.

6. Ask questions when the opportunity arises. You might have people all around you who know things you have no idea about. Use people as resources!

  • Maybe your neighbor has a great flower garden and is out there working quite a bit. You'd like to know how to better take care of your bushes. Why not ask him what you can do to increase the blooms on the bushes in your front yard?

  • If you’ve always wanted to know more about art history and your brother-in-law is a high school art teacher, ask him for some guidance in how to begin a self-study of art history.

7. Start a movie list. One way to learn about different locales, jobs, and life situations is to watch more films. Films aren't only entertaining – they also teach you something about people's attitudes, relationships, and jobs. Some movies portray "real people" and true life situations.

Experiencing a summer of learning and discovery will be enlightening and invigorating. You'll be delighted to discover how much you love learning about new things. Learning can be fun. Enjoy your summer of discovery!

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