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Get It Done!

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

I was at an event and the speaker gave us two scenarios. He said, "I challenge you to go on the street and I want you convince 100 people to come back to this room. If you can get a hundred people back to this room that means you're serious about what you do". And of course, everyone's thinking 'yes, I'm serious about what I do!' But then he gave us another scenario where he'd give $1 million to anyone who could get a hundred people in his room in an hour.

Now it's easy to see which one would really push you to actually getting a hundred people back in the room. In the first scenario, you're on the street and you may walk up to a person and say, "Hey, um, Hey, I'm having an event over at the hotel, and I'm just wanting to know, are you able to come with me?" The person doesn't know you, and is unlikely to go across the street to the hotel. In the second scenario, you walk up to a person, and you better believe you will be going all out to make the person come to the conference room (because you know you're going to get $1 million!). You will turn on your salesperson hat and do whatever it takes to get the person in the room, right?

Now let's connect this thought process. Everything you do in life, you want to do it as if somebody was about to give you $1 million because you will do things 10 times better if somebody's going to give you something. The things that you're doing in your life, you're giving yourself now in order to achieve the end result you want. Nobody's going to give it to you. You gotta give it to yourself. So your drive should be as if somebody is going to give you $1 million.

You want to begin to act with a sense of urgency. As if someone was about to give you that $1 million. When you have this mindset, you begin to connect on autopilot mode, where everything you do, you'll do it with a sense of urgency and you will do it like your life depends on it. GET IT DONE!

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