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Success-Hindering Habits to Throw Out of Your Life

Does it seem like success is running away from you? Success is only as close as you allow it to be. Surprisingly, you have complete control over your success and you can easily will it into your life. You’re probably saying, ‘if it’s that easy, why don’t I have more of it?’

“If you want different results, you must do something different.”

Let’s look within ourselves to start thinking about the answer to this question. Start to reflect honestly on your life - your behaviors, habits and attitudes - to determine if there are some things you can do differently to achieve different results. There's a strong likelihood that there's some changes you can do in your pursuit to achieving success.

When reflecting on your changes, you may consider removing the following success-hindering habits, which are surprisingly common in preventing you from becoming successful. Assess yourself honestly!

1. Self-doubt. Lacking self-confidence is the most damaging habit when it comes to your quest for success. The worst thing you can do is doubt your worthiness for a successful outcome. This mindset makes achieving anything almost impossible. So instead of doubting yourself, affirm:

  • I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to doing.

  • I am worth every ounce of positive outcome.

  • I will avoid closing the door on an opportunity because I don’t feel I’ll do well at it.

2. Procrastination. Putting off your tasks will likely result in a less than favorable result. Or no result at all! When opportunity knocks, answer the door! Instead of waiting until later, try the following tips:

  • Prioritize your tasks.

  • Aim to complete tasks within the time you've allotted for them.

  • Jump at every opportunity you get to complete a task.

3. Disorganization. Setting daily goals for yourself is probably something you already do, but you're likely wondering why it is you haven’t been able to meet those goals. A big hindrance is disorganization. Your goals are achievable, but because you haven’t put a real plan in place to attain them, they seem out of reach or you never make progress.

  • Get organized with planning tools

  • Write out your goals for the day, week and month.

  • Put time on your calendar for completing the tasks… don’t let anything get scheduled over it!

4. Lost focus. Losing focus of what you really want to achieve is a sure way to end up under-accomplished. Your mission should be to maintain focus on your goals so they don’t slip away unnoticed. Take daily action, even if it’s small, to move you forward to your goal.

  • Be serious about the success you want to achieve. Make it your top priority.

  • You should have the same commitment to achieving your goals as you have to building successful relationships.

“Success doesn’t come just because you want it.”

So now that you see what could possibly be hindering your ability to succeed, it's time to make some very real changes in your life so you can reach your targets.

You are the only obstacles in the way of your success story! All you need to do is adopt an attitude for success and remove negative habits and thoughts hindering your journey to success.

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