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Why 'good intentions' don't work!

You have good intentions, but are they holding you back?

How many times have you said the phrase ‘Well I had good intentions’? The definition of intention is to aim, plan or aspire. That’s not bad, right?

We all ‘aspire’ to be something. We aspire to have a better career. We aim to start our wellness routine. We plan to travel more this year. With all those great aspirations and intentions, why are we not at the place we want to be in life?

Here’s why you having the best intentions in the world are not affecting transformation in your life:

  • Your ideas never come to life. They remain just that…ideas. What good is an idea that stays in your head or never comes off the paper? Can you imagine being a book that no one ever reads? That’s what happens when your idea doesn’t come to life. It remains an unopened book on the shelf of the store. (Hard to become a best seller if no one ever opens your book, right?) Well keeping your well intended idea to yourself helps no one! Not you and not the people who are waiting on your breakthrough ideas.

  • Your reality starts reflecting your words. You can usually determine what’s going on in a person’s life by the words they use. I have talked to people (you likely have also) where day in and out all you hear is what’s going wrong in their lives. Job sucks. Relationship sucks. Finances suck. You get the picture. And the next thing you know, their life starts reflecting what they’ve been preaching to themselves every day and it really starts…sucking! You’d be surprised at how powerful what you speak to and about yourself can be. Your words become your reality despite your ‘good intentions’. They are a reflection of how you think and can be seen and felt so it’s important not to get stuck there by taking action to change the words you’re saying.

  • Your intentions aren’t even yours. Your ‘good intentions’ may be based on someone else’s belief or what you are intaking from others’ words spoken over you. And many times other’s ‘good intentions’ can be out of alignment with your true self. This rarely works neither in getting results or in living your purpose. It’s important to ensure the actions you are taking are based on how you become the best version of yourself to share with the world.

Your blessings begin to flow and you start seeing more happiness in your life when you realize that just having good intentions won’t work in gaining the life you want…and need. You want to take action to bring your ideas to life. You want to align what you speak to what you want for your life. And for certain you want to make sure your intentions are your own.

Once you begin to understand these things you start to see how they impact your life and you’re able to start transforming your thoughts.


Transforming your thoughts can be challenging on your own. My masterclass “Transformation to Bring About a Better You” helps you start the process of changing your thinking and manifesting new behaviors in your life. Sign up now and take it at your convenience.

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